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Fine Art Photography - "I Follow The Light"


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'I Follow The Light!'
'Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter.' Ansel Adams.

Lucinda Walter's approach to photography is to capture The Light, an approach used by Ansel Adams. Use of the light is the essence of all great photographers and her personal philosophy. Lucinda actively pursues a wide range of photography where shadow, light and composition unite to create powerful images and emotions. Through her photographs, she shares the awe-inspiring beauty of our world with people everywhere. Whether Lucinda is in Arizona using the inspiration of the Sonoran Desert or Arizona's high country, or whether she is using inspiration found in far away places, she is immersed in an environment where God is constantly providing subjects. Lucinda looks for the extraordinary in the ordinary things of life. She finds beauty in little things as well as the grand, by noticing, stopping and viewing the surroundings. There is a quiet and gentleness about her work. From Lucinda's art and photography gift from God and the techniques studied from other photographers, she has everything needed to pursue her love of photography and capturing The Light!

Lucinda Walter's work can be found in many homes and business throughout the world. She has a wide range of photographs that look fabulous in almost any decor. Her work has been published in magazines in Arizona, including Discover Southern Arizona and Inside Green Valley Sahuarita. Her photographs have won awards in Excellence in juried shows and many honors in Excellence in Photography and Excellence in Photography and Light. Lucinda Walter has published a Blurb book, The Beauty of Santorini ~ A Study in Color and in Black & White.

+ Follow the Light! A love for photography!
+ Captures moments in everyday life: Landscapes; Cityscapes; Architecture; Nature; Macros; Portraits.
+ photography that delights the senses of mind using: Dramatic and vibrant colors; Gorgeous monotones; Beautiful treatments and textures! All to create beautiful works of art!
+ Photography is feeling, loving and sharing a brief moment in time to all. Photography is a way to remember even when the mind forgets.

"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed." _ Ansel Adams

View the Light! Feel the Emotion! Experience in the Vision!

All images are copyright © Lucinda Walter. The materials contained may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or downloaded in any way, shape or form. All rights are reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the Artist is strictly prohibited.

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Forever Red White Blue by Lucinda Walter


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